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10+ Years of experience in the IT industry

There are many firms that claim their Telecom services and products are the best in the industry. However, not many have the results to back these statements.
That's why we founded Overbrain, with people in the front lines, who understand your challenges and answer with a simple and essential language.

Gabriele Maschio - CEO

What we do

Our consulting services have helped enterprises save hundreds of thousands of euros on Telecom expenses. Each of our IT consultants have years of experience assisting enterprises in making strategic decisions and implementing best practices.
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Telecom Audits

We provide comprehensive telecommunications audit for voice and data. The goal is to identify opportunities for credits and cost savings.

Contract Management

We assume your ongoing contract management, monitor of commitments, negotiation of new contracts and evaluation of supplier performance.

Expense Optimization

We will develop the best strategy to profit from the available infrastructure, introducing essential changes, improving performance and reducing costs.


Development of infrastructure, servers, cloud computing, continuity of operation, disaster recovery, end-to-end solutions, unified communications, virtualization.

VoIP Migration

We will guide you through a migration plan with the right VoIP service provider, placing you on a path that avoids service outages.

Billing Dispute

We are able to recover overpayments, savings and cost avoidance due to billing corrections, or incorrect billing.

What our customer say

There is no better way to hear about our services than by our satisfied customers. Here are what some of them had to say..

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FAQs.1 Getting Started

What is Overbrain?
What are the basics?
How to create a Project?
Why the guarantee, «Meet the Goal, Or It's free»?
What if customer abandons a Project?

FAQs.2 All About Money

What it costs the feasibility study of a Project?
What payment methods do you accept? Do you accept PayPal?
Where do I find the invoice for the order?
Do you have any refund policy?
How do I get a refund in the event of a return?

FAQs.3 Services

What countries Overbrain operate in?
Are we not too small for accessing your service?
What are the backgrounds of your consultants?
How can we integrate your methods into our existing structure?
Are you always successful in the projects you work on?

FAQs.4 Accountability

Who is responsible for completing a Project as promised?
How do I know that a project consultant has the capacity they claim to have?
What is a consultants obligation once the Project is completed?
What does Overbrain do to protect its customers?
If I have more questions, what should I do?

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